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Hugh Morgan and the sons of Hugh Sidwell, West Nottingham, Chester Co PA

From time to time I will be adding more information. Please write me if I have mistakes or you have additions. This blog is dedicated to Robert Morgan, son of Hugh Morgan. Two daughters Susannah and Sarah Morgan were not married when Robert died. At first I thought when I read his will that all of Hugh Sidwell and Anne Hayes children married all of Robert and Anne Morgan's children, except two. I thought Robert Morgan had 11 children and Hugh Sidwell had 9 children. In 1741 Robert Morgan wrote his will, only naming his two unmarried daughters but ALL of his "sons and daughters-in-laws" This left lots of Sidwell children without the real mother and Morgan children without the Sidwell mothers. Bur now I realize he called his step children "in-laws" -- he had only 2 children when he died. The trick was that he had married the older widow of Hugh Sidwell, Anne Hayes and she bore him two girls.

Name: Hugh Morgan
Residence: Radnor, Chester Co.
Description: Heir
Date: 23 Jun 1712
Prove Date: 29 Sep 1712
BookPage: C:314
Remarks: John Vaughan of Philadelphia. Carpenter. 6/23/1712. Joseph Ellis son of Ellis Ellis of Haverford, deceased. Evan son of said Ellis Ellis. Other sons of said Ellis Ellis whose names are not given. Hugh Morgan of Radner, Chester County. The now youngest son of Morris Smith of Passyunk. Daniel youngest son of Richard ... If any of the testator's relations come over from Great Britian within seven years, the nearest kin is to have the land bought from John Thomas. Executors: Friends Samuel Preston of Philadelphia and Henry Lawrence of Haverford.

Name: Richard Sidwell
Title: Sadler
Description: Son-in-law
Date: 3 Jun 1754
Prove Date: 1 Oct 1754
Book/Page: C:505
Remarks: Robert Morgan. West Nottingham. September 3, 1754. October 1, 1754. C. 505. To son-in-law Richard Sidwell (sadler) tract of land in Orange County, Virginia, which I formerly bought of him, he paying to Executors £30. To brother John Morgan the money he borrowed of me, 5 shillings. To brothers Joseph, Moses and David Morgan 5 shillings each. To son-in-law Henry Sidwell all the money he owes me. To son-in-law Abraham Sidwell £10 (married Charity). To sons-in-law Hugh, Isaac and Jacob and Joseph Sidwell £10 each. To daughters-in-law Anne and Mary Sidwell £10 each. To 2 daughters Sarah and Susanna Morgan my tract of land on Deer Creek in Baltimore Country, Maryland, and my tract called the Island in Susquehanna River when of age. To wife Anne that 50 acres of land I bought of John Sidwell, Jr. Remainder to wife and 2 daughters. Executors: Brother David Morgan and son-in-law Abraham Sidwell.

Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825
about Hugh Morgan
Name: Hugh Morgan
Description: Decedent
Date: 28 Jul 1727
Prove Date: 6 Apr 1728
Book/Page: A:273
Remarks: Hugh Morgan of Nottingham. 7/28/1727. April 6, 1728. A. 273. To wife Mary all personal estate to bring up the children. To son John all my right to a tract of land that I look up in Co. with Thomas Jackson of Marlborough, lying next to the north of John Rentfroes. All the rest of children to have equal parts of personal estate as they come to age. Sons Robert, Joseph, Moses and David and daughter Sarah being named. Executors: wife Mary and son Hugh Morgan. Witnesses: John Cook, Robert Oldham, John Ruddell.

Richard born c: 9 APR 1703 in Letcombe Regis, Berkshire, England, Hugh b: 5 FEB 1692 and John Sidwell 24 AUG 1690 in Letcombe Regis were brothers and the sons of Elizabeth Golding and Hugh Sidwell b. 9 SEP 1662 in Letcomb Regis who died 6 JUL 1729 in W.Nottingham,Chester,Pa. (Will proven 8-26-1729.)

1. Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825
about Hugh Sidwell Yeoman
Name: Hugh Sidwell
Title: Yeoman
Description: Decedent
Date: 6 Jul 1729
Prove Date: 26 Aug 1729
Book/Page: A:304
Remarks: Hugh Sidwell of W. Nottingham, yeoman. July 6, 1729. August 26, 1729. A. 304. Provides for wife Elizabeth. To son Richard the plantation whereon I live with brick house and barn. To sons John and Hugh my right in the proprietors lott. Executor: son Richard. Witnesses: William Harris, John Harris, Thomas Rogers.

2. Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825
about Hugh Sidwell (Jr)
Name: Hugh Sidwell
Description: Decedent
Date: 24 Oct 1740
Prove Date: 2 Jun 1741
Book/Page: B:84
Remarks: Hugh Sidwell of W. Nottingham. October 24, 1740. June 2, 1741. B. 84. To wife Anne my right to the plantation on which I live and another piece of land as described during widowhood. To eldest son Henry his choice either of the place my brothers live upon and the place I first settled or 1/3 of my tract on River Shenandoah in Orange Co, Va., said tract containing 650 acres. To son Abraham the second choice of above tracts. To sons Hugh and Isaac the other two thirds of the tract at Shanandoah. To son Richard the remainder of tract in Nottingham left by my father to brother John and me also 150 acres at Opeckon in Orange Co, Va. To son Jacob the remainder of said tract. To youngest son Joseph the land bequeathed to wife at expiration of her estate or at 21. To daughters Anne and Mary £40 each when 21. Remainder to 7 sons, viz Henry, Richard, Hugh, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Executors: wife Anne and friend Henry Reynolds of Nottingham. Letters to widow. Reynolds renouncing Witnesses: George McCord, John Gartil.

Grandchildren of Hugh Sidwell and Elizabeth Golding thru son Hugh:
Son Hugh b: 5 FEB 1692 left a long will. His 7 sons and 2 daughters in order of birth in Nottingham, Chester, Penn were as follows according to Holly Forrest Tamer:

Grandchildren of Hugh Sidwell and Elizabeth Golding by son Hugh b: 5 FEB 1692 and Anne Hayes :. His 7 sons and 2 daughters in order of birth in Nottingham, Chester, Penn were as follows according to Holly Forrest Tamer. Within 20 years all his girls had died without a trace of knowing who they were that I can find. This is also dedicated to them and finding who they were. Marriages are all in in East Nottingham MM, Chester Co, PA but were recorded in Maryland which was for awhile the record keeper for Chester PA:

Henry b 2 JUN 1720 married and then Ellen Huff 26 NOV 1746
Richard b: 11 JAN 1722/1723 married Ann Job
Hugh b. 25 JUL 1725 married Margaret Hains, then Anna Hains 7 Mar 1750/51
Abraham b. 4 FEB 1726/1727 married Charity Harris 5 MAY 1756
Isaac b: 5 JAN 1728/1729 married Ann Brown 02 OCT 1755
Jacob b: 15 MAY 1732 married
Anne b: 11 JUN 1734 married Jeremiah Sergeant 11 MAY 1757
Joseph b: 3 NOV 1736 married Rachel Medcalf 30 SEP 1762
Mary b. 2 OCT 1739 married Jeremiah Sergeant 11 MAY 1757

Susannah Morgan married Stephen Cooper, John Hamilton
Sarah Morgan married James Berford
Twenty years after his father in law's death-
Name: Abraham Sidwell
Description: Decedent
Date: 27 Mar 1774
Prove Date: 10 Feb 1775
Remarks: Abraham Sidwell. West Nottingham. Mar. 27, 1774. Feb. 10, 1775. Provides for wife Charity. To each of children an equal share of estate when they come of age. Executors: Brother Hugh, William Allen and Nathan Harris. Letters to Sidwell, the others renouncing.

Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825
about Hugh Sidwell who married Anna
Name: Hugh Sidwell
Description: Decedent
Date: 6 Sep 1789
Prove Date: 14 Feb 1791
Remarks: Sidwell, Hugh. E. Nottingham. 9-6-1789. Feb. 14, 1791. To son Nathan the 2 mills where he now lives and all the land I bought of Andrew McDowell in Chester Co. and Little Britain, Lancaster Co. To sons Samuel and Richard all my land in Frederick Co., Va., each to have the part he now lives on. To sons Job and Levi the tract of land I now live on. To daughter Anna Sidwell £50, etc. To my grandchildren, Reuben Brown my lot in Charlestown and £6, Lydia, Susanna and Prudence Brown £6 each when of age. To 4 daughters Susanna, Elizabeth, Deborah and Anna Sidwell all remainder of personal estate. Executors: Sons Nathan, Samuel and Job.

Sidwell birth records: Maryland Quaker Records, Nottingham MM, Cecil Co., Md ([Located at Newberry Library, Chicago, IL]), p. 149 . Nottingham monthly meeting records: Marriages, Births, Deaths. (FHL 975.238 K28m).